I’m not a big fan. I don’t like interrupting my knitting to grab a third needle and do the whole process. I don’t find it difficult, just cumbersome. I know there is a way to do cables without a third needle but I haven’t tried it out yet. So while I love the look of many cabled projects, I am hesitant to cast them on. That said, one of my hats that people enjoy the most is a Debbie Bliss design called Cabled Beret.

magazine photo

It was the first hat I ever made, and I remember being confounded by the fact that it wasn’t knit in the round. I even emailed the magazine editors and was thrilled by what a quick and detailed response I got (I have had completely different experiences with other designers, so big plus for Debbie and her team!).


Like most people, I tend to chose yarn in pastel colors, but I chose this one because I knew that’s what my friend wanted, and it was a big success! Lots of people commented that the vivid color worked wonderfully with the pattern.

The next time I knit it I decided to do it in a color similar to the one in the magazine. The only yarn I could find in that shade looked like a handspun, with lots of variations in thickness, but I actually liked this, and since the cables are rather big it works well with them.

I wasn’t going to reknit this pattern very soon, because I didn’t find it particularly interesting or enjoyable, but I found myself in need of a present half an hour before going to a friend’s birthday, so I made a little “hat voucher” and a catalogue of several hat patterns to chose from. She chose this one. Luckily, by this time I had more experience and confidence as a knitter so I decided to modify the pattern to knit in the round (there is really no reason not to do it), and succeeded quite well!

It was a much faster and more enjoyable knit in the round, and I’ll definitely be going back to this pattern again some time. It’s simplicity and beauty are really special. But for now it’s time to explore some of the other dozens of patterns in my queue…