A really busy day – I have a deadline tomorrow which I was planning to be late for, but now it seems I might be able to make it, if I focus and work veeery hard! I’ve barely done any knitting in the last week, and I miss it so much. So while I’m working away at my computer, I am thinking of these happy times, about a year ago. That’s me, in my last apartment’s kitchen-slash-living room. One night my roommate caught me sneaking in, with two huge bags, like a true shop-a-holic.

And here’s what was in them. As I said: happy times. :)

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About fridica

I started knitting completely by accident, when I was visiting my parents for a holiday in 2008. On a boring Sunday afternoon, I decided to dig through their stash of books to see if there was anything interesting to take back to my apartment. A knitting manual happened to be one of the books I found. I got curious, my mom immediately dug out her old needles and yarn stash (which she hadn’t used in a decade at least), and in a few minutes we were both casting on - she by memory, I by following the instructions from the book… :) Since I normally prefer learning from books, this was ideal.. I took the book home with me, and very very soon - I was an addict.

3 thoughts on “yaaaarn

  1. Jel’ to bilo u Zagrebu, vrćice mi se čine Namine. Mislim da si sada u boljoj poziciji što se kupovine vune tiče, moja prijateljica je sa zadnjeg londonskog sajma došla u Rim s torbom od 10 kg vune!

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