So in my crazy fit of energy I finally decided to share some of the blogs that make me happy and inspire me. If you look to your right (and slightly down), you should be able to see them!

Like these buttons by Buzzy Bee, each of the blogs is special and unique in its own way.

In them, you’ll find silly…

… and serious things.

But I guarantee you’ll enjoy them!

They’re not all in English, nor in languages that I speak, but words are not always the most important thing! :)

p.s. If you like these beauties as much as I do, clicking the photos should take you to their respective Etsy sites! :)

welcome back, sunshine

Ooooh, February seems to be bringing me back to life! Quite frankly, all January I was feeling quite bad. It was a combination of bad weather (which doesn’t influence me normally) and lots of other little things which just made for a very slow, dark, sad, overly-sensitive, lonely month. Buuut, all that seems to be behind me now! It seems that on this first day of February the sun, a little bit of success in making a deadline and a little bit of lucky coincidence have conspired to make me remember the energy and smiles I am usually brimming with. And I say to them: welcome back! I’ll try to grab on tightly so you don’t slip away again! :)

Ok, so I have another referal for you today: Freckled Nest is hosting a Worldwide Pin Cushion DIY and Swap and today is the last day to apply – you can still make it! Unfortunately I don’t have the tools to participate (nor any experience with sewing, yet!), but I still love pin cushions, so I’ll be keeping my eye on the outcomes of this cool swap! :) If you don’t want to make anything, I still recommending visiting the blog – it’s fun, creative and happy! :)

– photo by Freckled Nest –