Recently I wrote about two things most knitters dislike: checking gauge and sewing in ends. I was a bit dishonest in that post, though, because I didn’t mention the thing I really dread: sewing pieces of a garment together. Most of the things I make are seamless, and not by coincidence. I just dread the thick seams and the fiddliness of it all. Knitting in the round is so much more… elegant.

However, there was this one book I really liked.

And there was a friend who had a baby girl a year and sometime ago, on my birthday. So I decided that the girl should get a vintage baby thing for her first (and my 27th) birthday. Unfortunately, there are no seamless knits in this book. (Perhaps because there were not cable needles back then?) So I broke my rule. The thing knit up pretty fast, and since it was just a baby garment, it wasn’t really heavy on my needles or anything like that. And then the sewing. I put it off and off and off. The birthday is long gone. I am in a different country. I am wondering if it will even fit her any more (she’s a big and fast growing baby). But February 2nd came, and I went to post those parcels, and it made me so happy and excited, and somewhere, finally, I found the strength to tackle the seaming.

I put on some relaxing music, turned the radiator up, made myself chamomile tea, made plenty room on my desk, and set myself to finishing it tonight. And then, somehow, the scene was so beautiful that I had to share it with you.


Don’t you love that word ‘parcel’? :) Well, I put two of them in the mail today, each carrying a special handmade gift to a friend in a different country. I wasn’t sure how to deal with the customs declaration, ended up just marking them as gifts and writing ‘handmade hat’ as list of contents. Hopefully that will be ok for the customs people. The lady at the post office was very nice and said they should arrive within approximately five working days. Well, let’s wait and see! :)

– photo by hgiger