my day

Today was just an ordinary day. But when I was leaving the house, I threw my camera in my bag, and the little thing made me pay a little more attention and have a little more fun! :) I rather liked this experiment, and I will surely do it again. So here are some of the things I did today.

Overslept again. Rushing to class. I don't have a proper mirror in my room (only the tiny bathroom mirror), so the lift is the only chance I get of making sure I look presentable.

After class, tried to get a computer at the library to catch up on some readings, but the place was crowded and the competition for computer spots was fierce!

So I took a walk in the neighboring area, trying to find pretty details.

I finally found the cafe which I've been looking for for ages! It serves the best coffee you can find in this city, and it was just around the corner all this time.

Then a stroll in the nearby park, where you will always run into businessmen rushing along or having serious conversations on their mobiles while they pace back and forth.

I've passed by this fountain many times, but this time I decided to inspect it more closely.

I find a special kind of beauty in decay.

They are identical!

Almost a hundred and fifty years.

Oops, I got a little carried away - time to go to class!

And there: what a nice surprize! A great grade on my paper!

On my way home, I rewarded myself with a very tiny gift. Look how small it is! Hopefully we will do interesting things together.

I've been proud of myself lately - haven't missed a single gym session!

When you have a camera at hand, even laundry becomes worthy of mention! :D

I finished off the day with some lovely blueberry cereal and a long phone conversation with my best friend.

I loved this! What do you do to make your ordinary days a little less ordinary? :)