why I love hats

It all started with this one. A simple and easy pattern by Christianna Wincek. (Ravelled here.)

It’s an easy combination of knit, purl and very simple decreases – perfect if you want to practice knitting in the round and make your first hat in a jiffy! I knit most of it in the park near my apartment building, where retired grannies hang out together several times a day. They would approach me and inquire as to what I was doing, ask about patterns, talk about the projects they were knitting or crocheting, ask me how I learned to knit, marvel at the fact that I was knitting ‘so young’. And then, one of them asked me if it was for a baby. Well, yes, I had failed to check gauge because I was too impatient to start, and yes, it did seem to be coming out a bit small, but no, it was not for a baby, it was for ME!

I loved those interactions with them – they are one of the great aspects of knitting in public! And I loved the result so much it got me hooked. (A little blocking over a dinner plate also helped with the size.) So what is so great about knitting hats? Well, for one, they are mostly knit in the round, which is my favorite method of knitting. Secondly, they usually end at the crown so you avoid the risk of messing up a pretty project with a sloppy bind off. But those are the minor reasons. The most important one: they are done relatively fast. Just enough to keep me interested and provide me with fast satisfaction of completing a project.

Despite being relatively small items, they can be very creative and elaborate (just look at Rose Red – I’ve made three of them so far!), which makes for interesting knitting. There are so many hat patterns out there, you’ll never be bored! And since they only use up a small amount of yarn, you can opt for a nicer and more expensive yarn than you would for a sweater, for example.

Finally, I love wearing them! And so do most other people. I get so many hat requests it’s crazy. But it makes me happy – any excuse to make more hats! :)

What’s your favorite item to make?