I still haven’t run out of old projects to show you! And I’m working away at new ones so I can keep up! Today, I present the beret I made for my best friend. She needed a hat, I was still a very much dabbling beginner and I couldn’t promise to make her one because I was scared of how it would turn out. Also, I luuuuuuv surprizing people! ;))) So this was made in utter secrecy and it was sooo exciting!

It’s a Debbie Bliss pattern, from the first issue of her magazine. I didn’t check gauge, so it came out too big, though looking at other knitters’ projects (I heart Ravelry) I think everyone’s is coming out a bit too big, so maybe it wasn’t just a gauge problem.

In any case, it is extra extra soft and Maja loves it. I’ve made her another hat in the meantime, so this is her reaaaaally-cold-weather hat, while the other one is a more autumn like affair. She sometimes lets me know how the weather is back home by telling me which of the hats I made her she’s wearing… :)

The instructions were very clear and straightforward, though for some reason the hat’s not knit in the round. If I understand correctly, this is quite usual for Debbie Bliss patterns, but there is no design justification for it, so when I made another hat by this pattern I converted it to knit in the round. (More on that one later… ;)

Photos by my talented friend Milena. I wish she lived close by me so I could claim her as my official knitwear photographer.

Ravelled here.

Have a nice day! :)