what a difference a yarn makes

Same pattern, different yarn. This time I used a fingering weight yarn, as opposed to the Aran weight recommended in the pattern. To compensate for this, I added one pattern repeat.

I’m quite proud of the fact that I modified this to knit in the round myself. It involved some advanced knitting math (well, it seemed advanced to me, it’s been too long since I’ve done any serious math, and by serious I mean anything more than adding things up on a calculator), and the pattern I wrote out is definitely too complicated to be reproduced anywhere, but I understand how it works and that’s all I need! :)

This pattern isn’t particularly exciting or interesting to knit, but the results are just so yummy, I keep going back to it…

I’ve already written about how it sometimes surprizes me which of my projects get the most ‘hearts’ on Ravelry, and this was definitely one of them – it seems that it has gone by completely unnoticed. It doesn’t affect how much I love it (and I really do), I just find it interesting how my order of preference for my projects seems to differ from other people’s opinions. Or how flukes influence the whole thing: I am suspecting that one of the reasons it went by unnoticed was the fact that I uploaded the photos and shared them with a bunch of groups for five projects at the same time. This one came first, so in the display of recent projects shared it was pushed to the bottom. I am guessing this might have influenced it. Online ‘marketing’ works in such interesting ways, since I do have wild dreams about possibly one day becoming an Etsy seller (a long long way away in the hypothetical future), I’m glad I get to learn about it through such a painless experience as this. :)

If you fancy showing this white babe some love, here’s the project page. I hope you have a scrumptious Tuesday! :)