first swap ever!

I joined my first knitting swap ever! Yay! So, I’ve been looking at various sorts of swaps for the last year or so, but I always seem to discover them too late to join… Today, I was browsing the Ravelry forums, and I came across this one. There was a little bit of frantic thinking, but the project seems reasonable given the time frame, and I think it may be just the right thing to keep my recently-rediscovered knitting drive on the rise! Yay for Ravelry bringing knitters together! I’m so excited. Sign ups end tomorrow, so if I’ve managed to tickle your imagination, go for it! So far there are less than 20 people participating, and I think that could make it nice and intimate… The idea is for your partner to go through your favorites and choose a hat pattern there, I love this concept. Of course, were you surpized it was to do with hats? You know me that much by now. ;) In any case, thinking about this inspired me to go through my favorites myself and dig out some wonderful patterns I may have forgotten about. My favorites folder is overflowing, there is enough there to knit for three lifetimes, so my partner will have a range of choices, whether they prefer simple knit-and-purl hats, lace, Fair Isle or something else. And they are all soooo pretty! I decided I had to show you a few of my favest favorites, so here we go! I focused on free patterns this time, I really don’t think the swap partner should be obliged to spend money on a pattern if they didn’t want to. And anyway, there are so many beautiful free patterns out there, as I am about to demonstrate. ;)

Selbu Modern

Amelia Erhart Aviator Cap




Clicking on the photos should take you directly to the patterns. All photos directly from patterns, except for Felicity, where I borrowed from Lapoli – I think her version perfectly demonstrates the simplicity and beauty of the pattern.

Most of these patterns are simple enough to allow people to add their own embellishments and show off their creativity. Do go on Ravelry to check out all the wonderful things knitters have done with these patterns! And have a wonderful weekend! :) I can tell you what I’ll be doing: dreaming of my swap…

pay attention

WordPress wasn’t working for a bit tonight – I realized it was back up two minutes before midnight and attempted a mad race against time to get a post in before the next day… Well, it doesn’t really matter.

Today I knit for about an hour at school. The one thing I really miss about this campus is that there are simply no comfortable nooks to settle yourself in and read or knit or just relax. I am a nook-addict and it’s hard for me, so I dislike staying on campus in breaks between classes. Lately it’s been too miserable outside to wander around, though, so I’ve been trying to create nooks for myself, even if they are not naturally there. I found a spot today and at first I was kind of uncomfortable taking out my needles, but after about 15 minutes I had gotten into the rhythm and to that place in my head when I really didn’t want to stop knitting for a long time. I was actually late for my class in the end! (Just another row, oh just one more, there’s still time… You know the drill! ;)

This is unrelated, but when I got home and headed towards the shower, I realized one of the tiles in the shower was a different color than the rest (they are all white, this one is dark beige). I was shocked! If maintenance had been here, they would have left a note, and anyway, why would they just randomly replace one tile? Has it really been there for 5 months without me noticing it?! Some things in our everyday lives really go by unnoticed… The event reminded me of this wonderful scene of tiles on a building in Lisbon, so I thought I’d share that with you as the illustration for today’s post. Of all the photos I have taken in my life, this one is definitely one of my top favorites.

“If we find some in the same color, maybe no one will notice…”