heart on my lapel

I’ve been trying to focus on school these past few days (mostly unsuccessfully), so I’m a bit quieter than usual. But I’ve also started incorporating knitting into my schedule, if that’s the only way to keep it a part of my life then so be it because I’ve realized I miss it too dearly when it’s not there. Today I finished the back of my second baby sweater, and before I go to bed I’ll weave in the ends and pin out the front and back to block over night. Then all that’s left are sleeves and seaming! And on a tiny baby sweater, that should be done in a jiffy, right? ;) Speaking of tiny cute things, here is something I made a while ago.

It’s based on Natalja’s free pattern and it’s done in a few minutes! It’s slightly fiddly because you end up with several ends to weave in, which is difficult to do without it showing on such a small project. But the result is great. I followed someone else’s instructions (don’t remember whose any more, sorry) on how to attach a safety pin to it and turn it into a brooch, and that was exactly what I did!

It’s made in this crazy yarn – the whacko combination of colors and the softness make me absolutely adore it! And it looks best in garter stitch so it was perfect for this little project. The whacko colors complement my dark blue raincoat very nicely. And the other day it was actually warm enough to wear only the raincoat outside, for about an hour!

Ravelled here. Have a sunny week! :)