tea leaves

My recent entrance into the world of garment knitting via baby and child pullovers has got me thinking about trying to make a garment for myself… I’m still reluctant. I’ve tried once before and failed. It was due to technical skills and pattern problems, but mostly my own strength of will and persistence. I’m a more experienced knitter now, and I have slightly bigger projects behind me, but I still hesitate to start a sweater for myself, for several reasons:

  • time – There are so many projects and so many gifts that I want to knit! If I decide to embark on a large project like an adult sweater, I will have to accept that I won’t be able to make these gifts and send them out soon. So it’s basically giving up a bunch of small projects for one big one. Can I make that sacrifice?
  • interest – Will I get bored working on one thing for so long? A sweater necessarily involves a big chunk of stockinette, which is certainly pleasurable, but interesting? Not really. On the other hand, would the idea of finally making something so beautiful for myself push me on?
  • skill – I gave up on my last adult sweater when I was faced with short rows. I fumbled a bit but after a few attempts things seemed to be beyond repair (unless I ripped A LOT). Would something like this happen again? I would certainly make sure I try out any new techniques on a swatch before applying them to the actual garment.
  • cost – My stash doesn’t contain anything that would be enough for a sweater. And anyway, if I was really making something special for myself, I would want the yarn to be as special. However, for an adult sweater you need about 700 grams at least, and turned into £££ that is a lot. Especially if I make it in the recommended yarn, which is gorgeous (you’ll see in a bit), but goes at £20 per 100g skein at the moment!

So, now that I’ve shared all these concerns with you, this is what I’m daydreaming about:

It’s the Tea Leaves Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre. I love this style of cardigan, which you can wear as an extra layer over a t-shirt or a more special blouse. It’s both practical and adorable. Perfect for the spring. I love the ruffled yoke, such a lovely little detail to add. And you can get creative with picking interesting buttons!

The pattern was published by Madelintosh, who also offer gorgeous yarns. I went through their color cards and chose my favorites. They are:

Glazed Pecan

… as well as Olivia, Isadora and Cedar. You can find them all here. Aren’t they amazing?

So, what do you think? Should I go for it? Which color would you choose for me? You know me pretty well by now, it’d be interesting to know what you think goes with my character… :)