work in progress

On Wednesday, I made my way to charming Notting Hill to participate in the inaugural meeting of The Last Wednesday Knitting Club. There were seven of us and the atmosphere was just wonderful – there was tea, scones, relaxed chatting, laughing about tourists (an inevitable part of any London conversation, but even more so when you’re sitting in the The Travel Bookshop and flashes are going off like mad outside), sharing stories about knitting, and of course – working on current projects.

I love the fact that every single one of us was working on something completely different and intriguing: Giselle was working on an adult sweater that involves lots of steeking and is currently not looking like a sweater at all, Jacqueline was trying to finish off a Christmas (2009 :D) gift scarf in a gorgeous color and stitch pattern, Saara was knitting a square with gi-normous needles just to be sociable (how lovely!), two American girls (ouch I forgot their names) were both attempting moebius scarves which, while they look simple, turned out to be incredibly complicated (it made me decide I could live a while longer without attempting one myself…), and their friend was just learning to knit for the first time ever!

I myself was working on the Elizabeth Zimmerman February Baby Sweater and I actually managed to get through some really complicated parts of it there! Taking a complicated project to a knitting group is never the best of ideas, but I didn’t have any other works in progress so I had no choice. I did ok, though! I managed to figure out how to connect the sleeves to the body and now I have ahead of me a long stretch of lace pattern… The lace pattern itself is quite simple, it’s the construction of the sweater that’s complicated. But luckily that bit is done now.

There’s another problem with this sweater though: it is impossible to photograph! The yarn is a gorgeous semi-solid MANOS silk blend (colorway 6461), but it kept looking bright red in all my photos… This one above is the best I managed. I found better photos on another blog, so go look at it over there to get a better impression. Luckily, the intended recipient’s father is a semi-professional photographer, so I hope that he’ll be able to take better photos of the finished project…

And to see what our first knitting group meeting looked like, visit Jacqueline’s blog for some scrumptious photos! And have a wonderful weekend! :)