I’m in internet shopping hell at the moment.

Long story short: my old credit card expired in March, my credit card company sent my new card using an unreliable mailing service and it never got to me. A few days ago, having forgotten my card had expired, I tried to make a payment to Yahoo (to upgrade my Flickr account to Pro, because Flickr informed me that only the last 200 of my photos would be visible otherwise – since I use Flickr for my blog photos, I need all of them to be visible so I decided to upgrade). The payment didn’t go through because the card associated with my PayPal account was the one that had expired. However, the payment wasn’t technically declined either. So now it is pending. I cannot cancel it. PayPal cannot cancel it. Yahoo says they’ve already cancelled it. Their excuse is that this will only be processed in 5-7 days. On the other hand, I cannot link my other credit card (one which has not expired and has funds on it) to my PayPal account because you can only have credit cards linked to it from one country at a time. If you want to link a card from a different country, you have to first close your current PayPal account and open a new one. I cannot close my PayPal account and open a new one because I have a payment PENDING! And I also certainly don’t intend to try to pay for Flickr by different methods until this mess is resolved.

Purpose of long-story-short-which-ended-up-not-so-short: Please bear with me, I’ll keep uploading photos and for a while, some of the ones in the older posts won’t be accessible. Sorry.

I have spoken to three different customer services located in three different countries and three different time zones today (none of them in the country where I currently live, and none of them with free-of-charge phone numbers). I have previously worked in customer service, with very difficult customers, and I know how hard it is. I did my best to be nice. Even when I was talking about the fact that this is the second card this unreliable mail provider has lost and the fact that my bank keeps using them. Even when they were telling me repeatedly that they couldn’t do anything more for me than the things I could do on my own online. Even when they told me to wait, and wait, and wait. I think I deserve some cake. Not that I have any on me. But I do have some photos of cake-looking buildings, so here we go.

A cafe in my neighborhood.

A building across the river from the spot where we watched the Cambridge-Oxford boat race.
A CHOCOLATE FACTORY?!?!?! :))))) Well, actually, a restaurant-slash-gallery.

Is it just me or do these buildings remind you of cakes too?


I have not abandoned you

It was just that my Internet connection had abandoned me. And since this happened during Easter weekend, the people who run my building thought it was perfectly fine to just shrug their shoulders and say “There’s nothing we can do until Tuesday.” I could go on a rant here about how every respectable IT provider has a 24-hour on-call person, even on Easter, and how the management was just being lazy and again failing to take the residents seriously (as they have on numerous occasion, just because we are students they basically treat us like nuisances, rather than as paying customers, which we are), but I’ll spare you that.

[Deep breath.]

Instead, I’ll give you a sneak preview of the wonderful weather we’ve been having and the walks I’ve been taking. I’ll be back soon with more, in the meantime – have a lovely spring day!