Tackling this topic is unusual for me. I don’t usually need to think about my motivation for knitting – there is an abundance of it, even an excess (at the expense of other, more ‘serious’ activities). But the last few days have seen it slump, and the slump is even more tactile in contrast to my recent rush of knitterly motivation.

I’m not sure what happened, but since last Wednesday, I just haven’t had the mo-jo. I’m suspecting the Elizabeth Zimmerman baby sweater. After struggling (successfully) through the difficult part of connecting the sleeves and the body, I am now left with nothing but endless rows of lace to do. It’s easy lace, no challenge there (apart from trying to make it look as even and neat as possible), but it does require some concentration, and it does go slow (because that is how lace goes). And since I know there is nothing other than it coming up, I have nothing else to look forward to.

I could start a different project on the side, but honestly, I am scared if I do that I might never go back to this one. And babies do grow. But then again, not quickly enough to give me at least the hurry as the motivation.

Not even the exuberant email from my latest hat-recipient helped. It made me feel wonderful – it was exactly the reaction every knitter (and gift giver) would imagine in their nicest dreams: full of smiley faces and kissey faces and praise for my work, for the gesture, full of excitement over the complete surprize, full of adjectives such as ‘perfect’ and expressions like ‘fits like a glove’, and of promises of photos of the hat in action. It made me feel so happy! But it didn’t make me pick up my needles.

Where is it? Why did it go away? What can I do to get it back? I keep asking myself… But, in the end, I think I might just let it come naturally. I don’t like forcing things and I certainly don’t think you can force creativity. What’s your take on the topic?