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Have you noticed that the beautiful blogger award has been going around? Once you get it, you’re supposed to write ten things about yourself and pass it on to ten new bloggers. I was quite honored (and slightly shocked! :) that as many as seven wonderful girls thought of me when compiling their list of people to pass it on to! Thank you so much faeriecollege, agirlinwinter, knitterlyanne, myfibreobsessedlife, wool-and-cotton, wherethenoddingvioletsgrow and mooncalfmakes! You made me smile again and again and again… :) Make sure you visit their blogs – since everyone had to list ten bloggers they liked, there are plenty of new reads just waiting to be discovered! By the way, while we’re at the make sure you stage, make sure you enter the giveaway – time’s almost up!

Now, for my ten things. I’m just going to type them off the bat so I don’t overthink it.

1. I have vitiligo. I call it a cosmetic disease, because the only effect it has is to cause gradually increasing loss of pigment in your skin. Since there are some really bad and painful conditions out there, I really don’t feel justified (or inclined) at all to complain about this one, when it is not harming my health or causing me any discomfort. Also, since I have super-white skin (this always used to annoy me, but it’s coming in handy now!), you cannot see my white spots except in the summer, when the rest of my skin tans. That also means that I get to assess every summer how much it has spread in the past year. :) So far the white spots are mainly on my hands, around my elbows and a few on my feet (they usually start around your joints for some unknown reasons), but there are a few showing up on my face and I’m thinking of taking a course on make-up some time in the future – I’m not a big expert on applying make-up, and I’ll definitely need to get better at it to hide my white spots as they spread…

In case you’re interested, vitiligo is an auto-immune disease, no one really knows why it develops and it is non-treatable. People react differently to it (some improve with sun exposure, some get worse). It’s my second auto-immune disease (the first one is hereditary problems with my thyroid, which is super-common these days, and also causing me no problems), and whenever I catch a cold and people say stuff like “Your immune system must be weak”, I can counter by saying “No, my immune system is super-strong, it’s so strong that it’s bored with not having anything to do so it attacks things in my own body just for fun…” ;)

2. I’ve always been good at school. It kind of loses its value after a while, I mean I don’t feel like I’ve made a big accomplishment if I get an A in an exam. On the other hand, I am much less confident with learning skills (it took me four attempts to pass my driving exam, and I was always bad at gym), so becoming good at a physical skill, such as knitting, makes me super-proud of myself. :)

3. About a year and a half ago, I started dancing Argentinian tango. I had never danced anything before in my life and I fell in love completely. I’m on a tango hiatus at the moment because the London scene is not so good (surprizingly and sadly), but I’ve started taking ballroom dancing classes in the meantime. I’m always surprized by how much I enjoy each and every lesson and I have a sneaky feeling that I’ll be dancing for the rest of my life…

4. I learned German for four years in high school, and then completely neglected it. Now I can barely mutter a few words. I’m sad about neglecting something that I already had at my fingertips, if I had only kept at it I could’ve been fluent now.

5. My dream travel destination is Easter Islands. They just seem to be out of this world!

6. There are always too many things in my bag, it gets quite heavy from just the ‘necessities’. What with the planner, book, knitting, and other things that I wish I could always have with me, umbrellas usually get kicked out. I hate having to carry them around anyway.

7. I’ve read the whole of Marcel Proust‘s “In Search of Time Lost”. When I was doing a year abroad in the US during my undergrad, I had a very inspired literature teacher (he was like those literature teachers you see in the movies, very bohemian and always challenging his students in a good way), and he suggested a course with only a few people, where we spent the whole semester reading and discussing Proust’s six volumes (I think each was about 500 pages). Before we started, he warned us: “No one is ever going to believe you that you’ve read the whole thing.” I don’t really care if people believe me. It was an amazing experience. I had hated Proust’s writing before and thought it was boring as hell, but that year I discovered an affinity for him and thoroughly enjoyed myself!

8. My baby sister is ten years my junior. She graduated high school a few days ago. When I was 15 and she 5, people would ask me at the beach if I was her mother! It would get me terribly offended! :D

9. I very very very rarely wear high heels. My mom usually tears up with pride when I do. Yes, it’s that rare! :D

10. When I start talking to my friends, I can’t stop. Have you noticed? ;))))

ENOUGH about me! Wanna look at some beautiful bloggers? Here you go!

Untangling Knots is currently looking for test knitters

Caim and Coracle has just finished her first Zimmerman

Blue Garter is expecting and glowing :)

Owl in the Dark‘s description of the solstice celebrations at Stonehenge mesmerised me

Juicy Knits revealed that Principal Skinner is a knitter

Simulacra is taking a short break from blogging, but there’s plenty of good content to catch up on

A Black Pepper was published in Artful Blogging

Permission to Unwind has the Goldilocks Syndrome

Reading while Knitting – I wish I could do it

Knit a While also has a pattern book giveaway going on at the moment

Three Little Purls – I can’t think of a cuter name for a knitting blog :)

These are ten random links from my massive list of beautiful bloggers! I hope that some of them are new to you and that you enjoy them! :)

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About fridica

I started knitting completely by accident, when I was visiting my parents for a holiday in 2008. On a boring Sunday afternoon, I decided to dig through their stash of books to see if there was anything interesting to take back to my apartment. A knitting manual happened to be one of the books I found. I got curious, my mom immediately dug out her old needles and yarn stash (which she hadn’t used in a decade at least), and in a few minutes we were both casting on - she by memory, I by following the instructions from the book… :) Since I normally prefer learning from books, this was ideal.. I took the book home with me, and very very soon - I was an addict.

16 thoughts on “beautiful bloggers

    • I am a compulsive collector of blogs :) I have too many that I follow, actually, now I’m trying to weed out the ones that I don’t get excited about…

  1. Aw. Thanks for picking me! I’ll have to check out the other blogs you chose.

    I never seem to carry umbrellas or wear high heels either. I always forget I have an umbrella when I carry them in my bag. I only ever think of them when I don’t have one.

  2. It is nice to know these thing about you!
    1.I am glad that you don’t see vitiligo as something that you need to complain about. You are right people have a lot more awful things :(
    7. You have been in the US also? Wow!!! You have traveled a lot !!!
    Thanks for the links!!! Some of these are new to me

    • I’ve been lucky enough to live in three different countries (Croatia, US and now the UK). I would love to add more to that list though – it’s my favorite way of getting to know a place!

  3. Two of my sons have vitiligo. The youngest one has it quite badly but, as you say, it shows more in the summer than winter. He also has it on his scalp which has turned patches of his hair grey. He is thirteen. We tell him that he looks distinguished!

    • Oh wow I had no idea it could affect your hair too! You’re right about the distinguished bits, though… :) I actually kind of like the spots on my hands, I think they make them look interesting, and I joke sometimes that I look like Milka the cow with my white patches :)))

  4. Yay – I’ve read all of In Search of Lost Times too (albeit in English). I loved it too. The writing is so vivid in places I remember it almost as clearly as my own past.

    But I still think the first 1/3 is the best.

    Have you seen the teeny tiny umbrellas Cath Kidston sells:

    I think the tiny ones are fine but super-slim look good too.

    • I read it in English too! The interesting bit is actually that, having discovered this love of Proust, I decided to read it in my mother tongue (Croatian) when I came home – and I had to drop it after 10 pages, I hated it! It just shows how much a translation means! I don’t think it was even a bad translation, I have a suspicion that Proust just doesn’t sound good in Slavic languages… :)

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