unravelling and debating

Debating more unravelling, that is. I haven’t had much time to devote to knitting in the last few days, though I stuff my Minimalist-in-Progress into my bag everywhere I go, just in case a brief window of opportunity opens up. Last night I got an unexpected night off so I settled into my armchair, put my knitting in my lap and browsed the BBC iPlayer for some good TV to accompany my knitting, as it really requires no thinking at this point. They had Casanova with Heath Ledger, so I thought: ” just the perfect kind of senseless easy movie I need!”

Well, as it turns out, even senseless movies can distract! As I was watching it, I got to the shaping of the armholes on the back, and misunderstood the pattern – it sure seemed odd that I would be doing the final two rows of decreases on one side only, but with the movie making noise in the background (and Heath drawing my eyes away from the pattern ;), I decided not to ponder on it to much and assumed it was some secret ingredient of sweater knitting that I had not discovered yet and that made sense in some way which I didn’t understand. Only after I finished the decreases and counted my stitches did I realize that I had two extra stitches. Then I read the pattern carefully and realized it had called for decreases on both sides of the needle on right side rows. Yeah, go figure. Let’s just blame Heath for this outburst of daftness I exhibited.

Luckily, I just have two rows to unravel, though stitch-by-stitch even that is annoying. It’s also reminding me of a fact which I have been trying to supress for a while – that the back is already coming out 2.5cm wider than it was supposed to (despite my spot-on swatch!), and that I have been told that this yarn expands a lot in blocking. The current extra 2.5cm should be ok since I had chosen to go for the smaller size (remember my in-between-sizes dilemma), but if it expands a lot more in blocking, I’ll be in trouble.

Nonetheless, for now I’m ploughing on as it is, and we’ll see how it goes. The ripping debate is on the NO side at the moment. But tell me one thing – why on earth does a sweater knit 95% in seed stitch call for a swatch in stockinette? I feel like my dilemma may have been alleviated had the pattern given instructions for swatching in seed…