new lair

I love my new room! It’s tiny but super-functional and probably the cosiest room in the world! It’s sad I won’t be staying here for too long, but I will definitely enjoy it to the max while I’m here. I wanted to share a few snaps with you, especially those relevant to my crafty activities. :)

Number 1: BIG window. Which OPENS. And faces a side of the world which provides LIGHT. Ok, you may be wondering why on earth I’m getting excited about windows that open, but that’s because you don’t know that I spent the last 9 months in a room where the window could only be opened a tiny bit (some stupid safety regulations) and not being able to enjoy fresh air properly. So this is a big win! And I’ve always wanted a desk facing the window! :)

The window lights my room beautifully, which you can’t really tell in this photo because I don’t know how to make my camera deal with too much light without making things appear dark, but yes, there is almost TOO MUCH light. Yay! :)

Number 2: Comfy bed. With a proper head rest, and a plushy duvet which I turn into a back-rest over the day, so I can sink into its softness and get to knitting under my Van Gogh, which I’m keeping for a friend who’s travelling at the moment. Well, what better way to keep it straight than on the wall? ;)

Number 3: Well, it’s rather self-explanatory, isn’t it? I don’t go anywhere without these. My Dad helped me make a very practical case to keep them in when I travel (hm, perhaps I’ll do a post about it soon!), so I can always take them with me, and when I got to London I bought them this cute jar, which is originally intended for kitchen utensils, but I think I’m allowed to keep them in it, cause if you think about it – they’re my utensils.

Number 4: The perfect-size shelf for my books. There’s a few guidebooks and a few novels here, and I hope to use most of them this summer (hehe), though I’m definitely not going to the Middle East (for now!). Perhaps my modest collection can give you some inspiration for your summer reading? I have a much bigger one at home, I’ve tried to limit my book-buying here cause I know I won’t be able to take them home with me (oh, plane luggage limits, why oh why do you exist?)…

I hope you like my little place! I’ve been here only a week and it already feels more like home than my last residence ever did! I’ve also got wonderful new flatmates who have the habit of making the most splendid quiches. What more could I wish for? :)