I seamstress

Today my crafting time has been taken up by something much more mundane than creating a whole cardigan from a piece of string. I have been asked to mend a pair of jeans. Here’s the before photo.

How does one make that useable again (and decently looking) without making it too short, with only a piece of thread and small needle at hand, and without any real sewing skill? Well, one improvises, and hopes for the best. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Mind you, that little improv took me no less than 40 minutes, and I’m not terribly convinced that it’s durable! And I reeeally don’t feel like moving on to the next leg… I’m trying to enjoy it, though, by munching on copious amounts of fruit (yay summer and sticky fingers!), resting my eyes from the computer screen, and thinking a bit about the meaning of mending clothes – a skill which seems almost forgotten today. For more wise thoughts than I could ever provide, I direct you over to Kate’s wonderful and silly little interview! I recently visited the Imperial War Museum in London (it sounds dreadfully boring, but I highly recommend it, I was more than pleasantly surprized!) and there was plentiful evidence of rationing practices and the incentive people (well, women) were given to mend clothes, which is the context for Kate’s story…