a conceptual gift

I confess, since the time I became relatively confident about my knitting abilities, I have used them on several occasions to cop out of situations where a last-minute birthday gift was needed! I’m talking about the “oh my, the party’s in three hours and I have no gift” situations. This doesn’t mean I don’t care about the person, it just means, as I noted a few days ago, that I am a master at postponing things. So how did I use knitting as a cop-out? By creating “gift-certificates” for future knitted items.

But after I did it the first time, I realized it actually made people happy (well, the right sort of people). They enjoyed telling me their yarn preferences and waiting for the item to be made especially for them. So it made me want to do this sort of gift even when I wasn’t in a time crunch. That’s what I did for Caroline’s birthday. Apart from the promise of a knitted item, she also got several other conceptual gifts, that she gets to activate when she wants. I’m at her disposition! ;)

In the meantime, however, I started the promised item two days ago.

Let’s see if this time it comes out looking a bit less like duck feet and a bit more like human socks… ;)