roll, baby, roll

Yesterday I had one of those everything-goes-wrong days. To be honest, the day gave me some clues about its plans for me pretty early on, when, having just arrived to work, I spilt coffee all over myself and my chair. And so it began. Luckily, this little thing was close enough to provide the much-needed respite here and there throughout the day (and far away enough to avoid getting a coffee makeover!).

It’s the right front of the Minimalist. Look at that texture, I love it! Obviously the front is progressing quite fast, since there are much fewer stitches than in the back. It’s kind of like knitting a scarf (there is very little shaping involved) yet knowing it will become part of a cardigan some day. :) I have to admit, the width of the front looks frighteningly tiny in comparison to the back – I guess I’ll just never know if any part of this cardi is coming out right until it’s finished!

Oh yes, and the edge rolls.

When I started the Minimalist, I came upon this discussion of the rolling edge. I must admit I was one  of the people who had not noticed this feature of the design at all, from the photos I kind of thought that the stockinette edge is knit up double width and then folded over and sewn, so that it would be kind of double stockinette. I might try doing that on some other occasion, but for now, I’m rolling with the pattern (heeheehee).