cabling without a needle?

I’d heard about cabling without a cable needle before, and it had been recommended to me on several occasions, especially when I moaned about not liking cables. But I put off trying it for a very long time, it just didn’t appeal to me. However, after I started Gretel a few days ago, it became so apparent that cabling was going to be slowing me down significantly. So I decided to try this needle-less cabling everyone’s been talking about. Luckily, Ysolda’s pattern recommended to check out Grumperina’s site. I was absolutely thrilled! This is by far one of the best knitting tutorials I have seen anywhere on the net. Everything is so clear, and any question that may occur to you has already been answered. Seriously, even if you don’t care one bit about cabling without a cable needle, go look at these two tutorials (for right-twist and left-twist cables), they are awesome.

And the technique is very easy.

And indeed much faster. But I’m not sure if my stitches are coming out kind of soggy, i.e. stretched out… No final verdict at the moment.