comments on comments!

Every once in a while, I make a little change on the blog to make it better / nicer / friendlier… I’m not sure if anyone notices, but I do hope it moves towards making your visit here a bit more pleasant. My last change has been to start responding to comments by email. I used to respond on the blog, but I’m not sure people come back to check. I know that I personally tend to forget all the places where I’ve left comments and sometimes discover only weeks later that the blogger had actually responded. Since I cherish and try to respond to every comment, I wanted to make sure that people actually notice my responses!

But I wonder what you think about it… Do you like getting a response back by email? Or does it feel like a step too much, like an intrusion into your privacy? Would you find it annoying to get an email in response to every comment you make? Do you come back and check here if I’ve responded to your comment? I really want you to feel comfortable with what goes on here, so I looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter! :)