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Every once in a while, I make a little change on the blog to make it better / nicer / friendlier… I’m not sure if anyone notices, but I do hope it moves towards making your visit here a bit more pleasant. My last change has been to start responding to comments by email. I used to respond on the blog, but I’m not sure people come back to check. I know that I personally tend to forget all the places where I’ve left comments and sometimes discover only weeks later that the blogger had actually responded. Since I cherish and try to respond to every comment, I wanted to make sure that people actually notice my responses!

But I wonder what you think about it… Do you like getting a response back by email? Or does it feel like a step too much, like an intrusion into your privacy? Would you find it annoying to get an email in response to every comment you make? Do you come back and check here if I’ve responded to your comment? I really want you to feel comfortable with what goes on here, so I looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter! :)

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About fridica

I started knitting completely by accident, when I was visiting my parents for a holiday in 2008. On a boring Sunday afternoon, I decided to dig through their stash of books to see if there was anything interesting to take back to my apartment. A knitting manual happened to be one of the books I found. I got curious, my mom immediately dug out her old needles and yarn stash (which she hadn’t used in a decade at least), and in a few minutes we were both casting on - she by memory, I by following the instructions from the book… :) Since I normally prefer learning from books, this was ideal.. I took the book home with me, and very very soon - I was an addict.

13 thoughts on “comments on comments!

  1. I like getting a response back by email. I also like to respond back to my commenters USUALLY (I say “usually” because my summer has been so busy that I’ve been pretty tardy on that). It’s not always easy to respond, though, because many (most) of my commenters don’t have their email addresses accessible, so offering a reply can take a bit of detective work (which takes extra time) or is just impossible altogether. :(

  2. I also normally respond via mail. Though Blogger makes it hard to do it that way and then I get all annoyed and do not know what to do and how to say ‘thank you’ to the commenter. So, sometimes I appear rude, I guess, but that’s all unintentional

  3. I’m exactly the same – I never go back to comments I’ve posted to look for replies. Most comments I don’t expect replies anyway, although it’s nice to get them :) I used to reply to comments but I realised I wasn’t really saying anything interesting, and “Thanks for your comment!” messages are a bit redundant haha!

  4. I like responses, but they aren’t always warranted. And I don’t expect someone to respond every time I comment on their blog- if their blog is anything like my blog, it doesn’t always store an email address with the comments, so you cna’t respond to most of them anyway!!

  5. I like getting an email response. I think it is really nice. I also have one of those blogs where you have to respond on the comments and you never know if someone comes back to read it or not.

  6. This doesn’t exactly answer your question but I have recently discovered that if I go to ‘My Comments’ in my WordPress account, I can see all the comments I’ve left on other WordPress blogs and also the comments that came after them.

    I don’t think it an intrusion to get an email from someone whose blog I’ve commented on. And although I do really like hearing back I certainly wouldn’t expect a response every time.

  7. Thanks for your thoughts everyone! :) I personally like the whole email thing, I feel like it brings us a bit closer together – I like to continue the conversation and turn from blogger/commenter to correspondents… :)

  8. I agree that it would be nice to get a response by email – if it was warranted.

    I tend to leave a comment then forget that i have done so – a reply would be nice – but only if it was necessary – i wouldn’t expect one just for the sake of it.

  9. I never feel like a blogger’s response to my comment is an intrusion. I always try to respond via e-mail to my commenters, but as others have said, it’s a little harder on blogger.

  10. Hmm, I noticed once that you had replied by e-mail and comment (to a comment of mine). I wondered if you had done that manually or if you had a plugin that did that? If it was a plugin, for me that would be the best of both worlds. A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away), the blogs I commented on would entertain huge conversations in the comments, so everyone responded via comment, and that’s why I was always so excited about nested comments in WordPress. But now it’s not the same. I guess maybe because there are more blogs out there? I do also like replies via e-mail, when there’s actually something to reply to, because I like getting to know people too. :)

    I sort of just started replying via e-mail to my comments just because “everyone else in the knit blogosphere does this, so maybe I should too…” I still wish people held conversations in comments, but there’s not always a lot to converse about.

    • How it works: For every comment on my blog, I get an email saying that there’s been a comment, showing me the email and URL of the person who commented as well as the full text of the comment. WordPress has the option of replying to comments via email, i.e. if I just hit reply to that email, a strange long email address appears, I just write my response and click send. That response shows up on the blog the same as if I had logged into the blog and written the response directly there.

      So after I started responding to comments by email directly to you guys, I simply change that email address and copy-paste yours in its place. If I think my response is worth other people seeing it as well, then I keep the original strange long email address, allowing the comment to go public on the blog, and put your personal email address in the CC. So you get both.

      It’s not exactly a plugin, it takes a little bit of copy-pasting, but mostly it’s simple and I don’t have that many comments at the moment so it’s manageable :) But I do wanna mention that this is a normal WordPress feature, I didn’t have to adjust any settings, I just discovered a better (for me) way of using it. :)

      I also like conversations developing in comments, but I got the impression that not much of that was happening here, unfortunately, and that people were simply missing out on the responses I was writing them. Phew, there’s a gigantic response! :)))))

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