do the twist!

Do you follow the Twist Collective? If you don’t, you should! Just sayin… :)

It’s a free online knitting magazine with great articles and lovely patterns which you can purchase individually. I like this approach a lot because it lets you choose and pay for only the things you really want to make. Let’s be honest, what’s the average number of patterns from a single issue of a magazine that you want to make? For me, it’s about 2 or 3. (Yes, I’m very picky when it comes to patterns.) I guess that kind of makes it worth the price – though not always, and especially if you’re buying it in a small country where foreign magazines are difficult to get and the shopkeepers thus set sky-high prices for them. But even if it did make up the price, I just get annoyed that I’m forced to buy the whole magazine with all these patterns that I don’t like! That’s why I like Twist. You get the magazine features for free, and you get to choose which patterns to buy. Works out well for the designer too. :)

I’m definitely going to be buying Stratocumulus.

Interesting construction that creates a wonderfully romantic pullover, and a cloudy name = perfection!

And the feature that totally blew me away in this issue is What would Mary-Heather wear? I love Mary-Heather’s style, I love the colours used, I love the cheerful tone of the shoot, and I absolutely love that the knitting world has taken up Ysolda’s cue of presenting designs in real-woman sizes. Aaaand, this is so going in my queue.

What about you? Do you like Twist? Will you be making anything from this issue?