one hat, two styles

Say hello to Gretel! :)

Cables may not be the most pleasant thing to knit, whichever way you approach it, but they do look scrumptious. I absolutely love the relief look, how the cables pop out from the purled “background.”

As usual, the Ysolda pattern was without mistake and perfectly clear. It gave three sizes for the hat. They all start with the same number of cast-on stitches, because the super-stretchy cast-on technique makes it suitable for any head size. However, when it comes to the number of rounds you knit, you can choose between fitted hat, regular beret, and slouchy beret.

And whichever style you choose, Ysolda makes sure that the pattern lines up. Lovely. I decided to make the regular (middle) size – now you may be surprized about this, if you know of my love of all things slouchy, but I wasn’t sure I’d have enough yarn for slouchy, and also several people said that the slouchy version was very slouchy. As you can see here, on my friend Michelle, it really looks like a “regular” beret.

By the way, I absolutely adooore these little Cs on that seem to come out from behind the ribbing. It’s like the cables were going on somewhere in the background while you were doing the ribbing, and then all of a sudden they decided to come to the front and show themselves!

Back to sizing. I, on the other hand, have a slightly smaller head than Michelle. So, if the hat had been for me (sniff), it would’ve been just the right kind of slouchy. So it was definitely a good decision to make the regular.

As I said, sniff! Isn’t lovely? I hope Michelle enjoys it!

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About fridica

I started knitting completely by accident, when I was visiting my parents for a holiday in 2008. On a boring Sunday afternoon, I decided to dig through their stash of books to see if there was anything interesting to take back to my apartment. A knitting manual happened to be one of the books I found. I got curious, my mom immediately dug out her old needles and yarn stash (which she hadn’t used in a decade at least), and in a few minutes we were both casting on - she by memory, I by following the instructions from the book… :) Since I normally prefer learning from books, this was ideal.. I took the book home with me, and very very soon - I was an addict.

15 thoughts on “one hat, two styles

    • That wasn’t on this hat, if that’s what you meant. And luckily so, because I would have real trouble giving away something that could cause problems for the recipient… I’ll experiment with solving the colour problem on the other hat, and you’ll definitely be hearing about it :)

  1. Thank you for this. I love that hat but I can’t wear slouchy and thanks to you I now know there is a fitted version. Paypal here I come!

  2. Awesome hat!! Great color choice with your and your friend’s hair color. So who owns this one now? LOL, going to make another one?
    I made Gretel in the largest size and thought it could double as a child’s sleeping bag, but in the end, for my model it was just right!
    find my knits here .

    • It was meant for my friend from the start, and she chose the colour (I think it matches her hair and face beautifully), but I’ll definitely be making more – I tend to make hats in threes anyways, and Ysolda’s patterns are just so enjoyable!

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