cool summers are good for something

When you finally deliver a scarf you’ve been making for more than a year, and which turned out the size of a (not so) small blanket, at least the recipient can put it to use immediately.

And I think she liked it as well! It’s gonna go well with her new, wait for it now, mint bag. Soooo jealous! :) She used it in a few different styles immediately, wrapping it around herself several times (I wish I had a photo of when she wrapped it in such a way to create a scarf and a hand muff, the kind that Russian princesses wear). Aaand she liked the bulkiness and the enormousness of it. Yay!

I know I promised a review of Soak to go with this FO, but honestly – I really don’t have much to say about it. I’m rather unimpressed. Not that there was anything wrong with it, but if you were expecting any sort of magic – I didn’t notice any. No super-softness or anything like that. Sorry to disappoint, perhaps someone else can enlighten us more?

In the meantime, all I care about is that another FO found a happy home. :)