Hehe, it only took me three days to catch up with all the lovely bloggy posts I was missing while I was away. It’s not the same when you open your RSS reader and there are tons of posts – in those cases I usually rush through them, even if I don’t want to do that, it just happens somehow. However, several posts still caught my eye, and especially one which I wanted to share with you.

Lazy, a blogger whose posts always make me think about knitting from a different perspective, has categorized her levels of appeal to knitting patterns. While my categorization (if it existed) would not be exactly the same, a lot of what she talks about resonates with my behaviour, which I have observed for the last two years or so. Take for example the difference between fave-worthy and queue-worthy patterns, she is completely spot on there!

I won’t reveal too much here because I really think it’s worth the clicking and the few minutes that it’s going to take you to read it, but I will take up the challenge and show you a pattern I would place in each of the categories…

  • Look-worthy: Sylvi (man oh man is it amazing, but oh my, no way is it going to happen)
  • Fave-worthy: Little Birds (love it, but really can’t swing it to either side of the definitelymakingit <–> itllsittherelookingatmeforever continuum)
  • Queue-worthy: The Cayuga Set (queued it as soon as I discovered it via Saz’s lovely version, and it’s definitely getting made)
  • Start-worthy: Scroll Lace Scarf (Lazy says that being start-worthy is “a combination of mood, stash, barometric pressure and hormone levels” and I know exactly what she means. That was definitely the case for Scroll!)

How about you? Do you recognize yourself in this kind of behaviour? Which patterns are in your I-love-looking-at-it-every-so-often-but-let’s-be-honest-I’m-never-going-to-make-it category?