No better way to cement your intention of starting a project asap than winding the skein into a ball! Of course, it’s prettier in a skein, but if you wanna make something out of it, it’s not much good to you in this form!

We all dream of a swift. Well, I do at least! It makes such pretty balls of yarn, so easily! But, if that’s still out of your reach, you can always enlist some help from a chair…

…and an old toilet paper roll!

The end result may not be eye candy, but it moves you along the way towards your project!

I was going to show you the beginnings of Scroll Lace as the final image in this post, but that didn’t work out so well. I must admit it’s the first Ysolda pattern ever which is confusing me. It’s going to take detailed reading through of the pattern and Ravelry forums, and some practice on stash yarn. In the meantime, the Manos ball can chill. It may feel like an ugly duckling now as opposed to its previous skeiny state, but I promise to turn it into a swan again soon!