did I ever tell you?

About meeting Ysolda at KnitNation…

Ysolda is my absolute favourite knitwear designer, and I met her once before at an event, but I was still quite excited!

Especially when I realized I got to touch, try out, explore and play with the designs from her upcoming book!

The book, Little Red in the City, should be arriving in about a month. I already have my eye set on this adorable cardi (called Chickadee, if I’m not mistaken), and my Mum’s definitely getting a cardi out of it as well. I’ve shown her some previews online and she loved the hooded capelet (shown in blue and red).

In the first photo both Ysolda and I are wearing Coraline, which is in my queue as well. And the Farinelli gloves in the middle photo are just the most amazingly fitting things I have ever tried on. I’m not a big fan of knitting gloves because I can’t seem to make the fingers without big holes at their base (between two fingers), but these make me want to practice more!

At her stall, Ysolda had a photobooth where you could take photos of yourself. I had heard about this from a previous event and was quite excited about it, but I had no idea that the photos were also immediately printed so you could take them home (for free!) – how cool is that?! Since the age of digital photography has set in, I print out so few photos, and it’s just not the same when to have them in your computer or when they’re right there, physically, somewhere in your room, and your eye can catch them without the deliberate intention of turning on a computer, opening a folder, etc… So I am cherishing these and keeping them at my desk because they make me smile…