There’s a little knitted highway pinned onto my bed at the moment. Where does it lead? Why, to a hat, of course! ;)

But for now, let me tell you about the yarn – I’m using Malabrigo for the first time ever! I’ve been hearing (reading) so much about it, and I never really understood what it was – a type of yarn, a brand, a what? So when I saw it just sitting there at my LYS, I had to give it a try. The other lucky thing was that they had a broad colour range, and I soon spotted one that clicked with a project for which I just hadn’t been able to find a suitable yarn! I wound it into a ball right there and then, and soon enough it was on my needles. So far I’m loving the feel of the yarn (it’s a worsted weight), and I think the white makes it seem even softer than it is – it keeps reminding me of goose down, thus the project name.

Are you a Malabrigo fan? Why or why not? So far I can tell it’s a really nice yarn, but it seems to me that people like it a bit too much to be just that. Help me crack this mystery! :)