There’s a little knitted highway pinned onto my bed at the moment. Where does it lead? Why, to a hat, of course! ;)

But for now, let me tell you about the yarn – I’m using Malabrigo for the first time ever! I’ve been hearing (reading) so much about it, and I never really understood what it was – a type of yarn, a brand, a what? So when I saw it just sitting there at my LYS, I had to give it a try. The other lucky thing was that they had a broad colour range, and I soon spotted one that clicked with a project for which I just hadn’t been able to find a suitable yarn! I wound it into a ball right there and then, and soon enough it was on my needles. So far I’m loving the feel of the yarn (it’s a worsted weight), and I think the white makes it seem even softer than it is – it keeps reminding me of goose down, thus the project name.

Are you a Malabrigo fan? Why or why not? So far I can tell it’s a really nice yarn, but it seems to me that people like it a bit too much to be just that. Help me crack this mystery! :)

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About fridica

I started knitting completely by accident, when I was visiting my parents for a holiday in 2008. On a boring Sunday afternoon, I decided to dig through their stash of books to see if there was anything interesting to take back to my apartment. A knitting manual happened to be one of the books I found. I got curious, my mom immediately dug out her old needles and yarn stash (which she hadn’t used in a decade at least), and in a few minutes we were both casting on - she by memory, I by following the instructions from the book… :) Since I normally prefer learning from books, this was ideal.. I took the book home with me, and very very soon - I was an addict.

18 thoughts on “goose

  1. I think it is over-rated. It is nice enough and not too expensive but it isn’t all that.

    The colours are good and it is quite soft but not THAT soft and it is very loosely spun. it is fine for a hat but not anything that gets any wear.

    But Malabrigo Sock is lovely and tightly spin and if I ever see any in a shop again I’m buying plenty.

  2. Oooh is that A Brattleboro hat? I’m thinking of making one of those.

    I love Malabrigo in all forms. I hate itchy yarn, so the softness of Malabrigo Merino Worsted is perfect for me. However, it does pill like anything, so best for accessories.

  3. Oh dear. I have just ordered some Malabrigo Lace for the Geodesic Cardigan. I think the pattern recommended it. Fingers crossed it will be ok. I got some extra for the Citron shawl.

  4. I am a Malabrigo fan. I first used Malabrigo Silky (my aqua shawlette) and thought the same as Mooncalf: not all that. But then I blocked it and the magic happened! As soon as you get to that stage when you first glimpse the item being blocked as it’s drying, it’s just one of those ‘ooh!’ moments. That’s when that certain something sets in. It just blocks beautifully, the blocked garment drapes beautiful and it feels wonderful to touch too!
    I have since used Malabrigo lace yarn: the yardage is fantastic! I am fully expecting the same magic to happen there too. I haven’t yet tried the sock yarn but I keep drooling over its squishyness! Can’t wait to find a project to splurge out on but I am trying (! yeah right) for restraint at the mo… {cough}

    • You know, funny thing is that I’m not crazy with the stitch definition on the right side – I was hoping my knit stitches would look more regular after blocking, since the yarn did seem to bloom quite a lot while in the water. However, that said, the wrong side (mainly purl) is looking amazing, I don’t think my purls have looked this nice in any yarn I used before! So, too bad that this hat I’m making is almost entirely knit :D but yay for knowing that this may be the best yarn so far for purling and for relief constructions which contrast knit and purl!

  5. PS: forgot to say that Malabrigo yarn knits wonderfully too: it just seems to glide onto and off your needles without being slippery. I’m a fan.

  6. I love the Malabrigo yarn, because it is so buttery soft. But it does pill, so it’s not a flawless yarn. still, i think the cuddle factor, hand dyed colour ranges, and good yardage are the key selling points.

    • Hihihi, have faith, little hobbit :) Notice it’s a really narrow long piece of knitting, and let your imagination do the rest ;)))

      Alternatively, look up the Side Slip Cloche by Laura Irwin ;)

  7. I’m not really sure about Malabrigo either. I LOVE a scarf I made with it, but knitting with it got a little irritating at some points. It was too soft. It’s got pretty colors though, but I don’t think it’s something I’m going to knit a lot with.

  8. I’ve always wondered if it was worth the hype…with how much some people build it up I feel like it could only disappoint, so I haven’t tried it yet.

  9. I am a huge fan. I am, in fact, a Malabrigo Strumpet. I came up with that title after being teased by some of my Noro-loving friends, whom I’d dubbed the Noro Whoros. I am not among their number. :-)

    Here’s the thing: Malabrigo (or, as I like to spell it, Mmmmmmmmmmalabrigo) Worsted pills. There’s no denying it. As do most single-ply, soft wools. It pills less after it is washed, in my experience. And I think a wee bit of shaving is worth its delicious, buttery softness. Worsted is perfect for hats, cowls and scarves.

    Mmmmal has recently come out with two plied yarns, though — Twist and Rios — much less pillage! These would be better for pullovers, methinks.

    My sock-knitting friends (I’ve yet to complete one) tell me that Mmmal Sock is better for shawls, as its softness isn’t ideal for hard-wearing socks.

    And Mmmmmal Lace? OMG crazy soft.

    • I was actuallyl looking to buy some Malabrigo Twist, since it’s recommended in a project I really want to do, but the colours they had at my LYS were obnoxious (one was some sort of hot pink, the other I can’t even remember). Glad to hear it pills less, though!

  10. I’m a Malabrigo-fan, but it’s fading a bit… I just knitted the Feitherweight cardigan by Hannah Fettig with Malabrigo lace (which is a dream to knit with). I wear it a lot, but I already had to mend a few holes and it’s pilling like mad. I don’t dare shaving it (again), for maybe it’ll make more holes.
    I bought more lace to make Wispy, but I’m afraid it’ll do the same.
    I’m also knitting the Tealeaves cardigan in worsted weight, as well as the Columbia Beret. Again, it’s a dream to knit with it. It’s soft and the colours are amazing. Let’s see how they’ll hold up.
    I am going to try the Twist and Sock soon. They’re plied yarns if I’m not mistaken.
    Thing is, here in the Netherlands, we don’t have much choice in yarns. Malabrigo is one of the few more famous and better yarns we can buy, without paying enormous shipping rates. Still looking for alternatives though.

    • HOLES?!?!?! Eeerm, that’s a big no-no, I’ve never had holes in any of my knitting, I think I would just cry if I saw one. Ok, I’ve also never knit anything in laceweight, so that might be it? I’m totally with you on the choice of yarns, though. I’m going back to Croatia soon, and what we have there is… ugh. Let’s say they’ve never even heard of the famous brands… I’m stocking up as much as I can here before I go!

  11. I only bought Malabrigo lace for my on-going-shawl-project Frozen Leaves. I like it because it’s just very very soft! My mum couldn’t believe it was a 100% wool, she remembers wool being all scratchy and horrible.
    Other single ply wools I have every seen and touched felt more stiff, but then again I didn’t touch that many yet, so that means nothing :-)

    I don’t have a favourite yarn yet. I’m usually buying on sales so my choices are kind of restricted.
    But I want to try this Cascade Yarn 220 Wool, it seems to be so popular on Ravelry, I wonder what the fuss is about.

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