a pattern?

You may remember my troubles in trying to make a scarf for a man. And the happy ending as well. Well, as I said then, I ended up very pleased with the result, and I have been given cause to believe others did too. For one, the scarf is worn constantly. Secondly, it immediately shot to fame in my Ravelry projects page, where it got loads of hearts from fellow-Ravelers (thank you <3). And then, a few days ago, a fellow blogger and Raveler messaged me to let me know that she had used my notes to make a scarf for her dad! Lookie!

– photo borrowed from ktyfamily and linked back to her –

Yay! This is what designers must feel like when people make their patterns. Sooo cool. Now, these little notes are still not anything near a pattern, but it does make me feel so happy that they´ve helped someone. If you end up using them, be sure to let me know – I´d love to see the result! :)