a walk

We haven’t gone for a walk together in a while, have we? :) Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I went on a little trip in the first week of the year, to a city which surprized me with its loveliness and coziness. So I’m taking you along for what was my first walk in Brussels, Belgium! :) The weather is quite wet and grey, so we won’t stay out for too long, but I hope you like it anyway…

Brussels is the capital of the EU, and it seems that even the sidewalks are boasting about it…

There are cute castle-like houses all over the place.

Horses are allowed in parks.

The king lives next to a big parking lot.

Modern architecture surprizes you in the most unexpected of places.

There is a proper cupcake shop (no city is complete without one!).

And biking is encouraged.

Though, honestly, what surprized me most was how easy and quick it was to get everywhere on foot.

I’ll definitely be back to Brussels, and hopefully the sun will shine a bit more the next time, so I’ll take you for another walk… I hope you liked this one! What city has surprized you lately?