a proper photoshoot

Once upon a time, there was a hat. The hat was knitted in four days during one chilly month of August. In those four days it managed to have quite an adventure: fly on a plane, see two different countries, take a bath. However, it never managed to get a proper photoshoot. Not in those four days, and not in the four months after it. All it got at first was this. And I can tell you, the hat was not happy with that. It cried and cried, and hid in the closet.

And then, after many many months, one lovely lady came along. The lady asked angrily: “What has been happening here? Why is this beautiful hat made to hide in the closet? I will not stand for this!”

“Hat,” she said, “would you like to come with me? I’ll give you a good, loving home. I’ll take care of you well.”

That hat didn’t hesitate a single moment. It had heard from other hats already that this lady was the nicest owner in the world, and it was thrilled that she had chosen it to take home with her! It jumped on to her head and settled there happily…

The lady was happy too. She had found a new friend. From that day onwards she took care of the hat, wore it, and loved it.

And guess what? She even gave it a proper photoshoot.

The End. :)