a tiny treasure

I was sitting at my desk yesterday afternoon and I happened to glance over to my yarn shelf, where a skein of madelintosh which I had won in a giveaway at photo.knit.dog caught my eye. I’m not sure if I can reconstruct exactly the events that followed, but a few hours later I somehow ended up with this.

And you know what? I don’t feel guilty about it at all! I love using special single skeins to make cherished little baby items. The added bonus is that this yarn is a superwash, which means that busy young parents will be able to stick it directly into the washing machine and not worry about a million specific care instructions.

Who am I making it for? I have no idea! But I figured it wouldn’t be bad to have an adorable pullover in a newborn size lying around for cases of gifting emergency. I’m that age now when friends are popping up pregnant all over the place! ;)

According to the pattern notes I should have just enough yarn. If I run out I’ll simply shorten the sleeves (I’ve used that trick before).

Also, very cool piece of trivia: mine is the 100th project for this pattern on Ravelry! :) Happy weekend! I hope you end up with a joyous unexpected knit too! :)