do you wear your knits?

Last weekend, during our standard Saturday-morning coffee date, my best friend was playing with her nice new camera. I was chewing on a large sandwich and I hadn’t washed my hair or put on any make-up, but I had no choice than to play model for her. Or rather, as she put it, “just ignore her and act natural”. Umm, yeah. :D

Contrary to my expectations, though, I ended up with some nice photos of me, and one very nice photo of my Scroll Lace Scarf. This hadn’t been planned, I had just thrown it on that morning, as on many other mornings. It reflected the fact that, while I keep very few of my knits to myself, I really do wear those that I keep.

So I thought we could have a little challenge! In the next week, post a photo of yourself wearing something you knit. The only rule is that the photo must not have been taken with the aim of showing off your knitted item, it should be a sort of everyday photo, or a photo from a special event, in which the knitted item just happened to find itself.

Put the link to your photo in the comments below, and let us know when the photo was taken and what you were doing. You have until the end of Friday, January 28! On Saturday, I’ll let the random number generator do its magic and put together a nice little prize for one lucky person!

You can post the photo on your blog, on Flickr (or similar sites), on your Ravelry project page. If none of those are available to you, Imageshack offers a nifty service which allows you to upload a single photo and get the link to it without having to register or anything.

All clear? Let’s play! :)