challenge complete

Last week, I put together a little challenge on a total whim, and I have to say it worked better than I expected it to! Thank you everyone who participated. Seeing your accidental photos of knits and reading your stories about them kept me smiling all week… There were photos of handknits keeping people warm at festivals, while recovering from being sick, at birthday parties, on fishing trips, in everyday situations, and even as part of two wedding dresses! I really encourage you to look through all the comments and follow the links, I guarantee you’ll have fun.

And of course, I haven’t forgotten that I had promised a little reward for one lucky entrant. Well, the random number generator went with number 20, and that happened to be one of my favourite entries. Let Laurie speak for herself:

Since I wear my handknits almost every day, it’s pretty easy to find a picture of me wearing one of them. However, this is the best – It was taken yesterday afternoon and is a picture of me holding my first grandchild who was born Saturday afternoon. I’m wearing Romi Hill’s Merope Shawl, but obviously it is neither the shawl nor the wearer who is the star of this picture. :-)

Here’s the link, with Laurie and the little munchkin (and the knit, as if anyone will be looking at that ;) on photo five. Isn’t that too sweet? :) Congrats Laurie! I’ll be sending you a little surprise parcel as soon as I receive your address!