rip it again, Sam

There is this vest that has been almost finished for a very long time now. Not because I got bored of it. Not because I didn’t feel like working on it. Not because I ran out of yarn. My problem with it? The neckline. I’ve picked up stitches, knitted it, bound off, and ripped it all twice now. Let’s take it step by step.

I thought this would be the easiest part of the whole project. I love picking up stitches. What a great way to do a neckline, I thought! And I could test it and see if I want it a bit longer, to adjust just how much cleavage I want this vest to have. But then the knitting fairy decided to teach me a lesson.

I don’t have the photo for my first attempt, but the problem was that I ended up with weird holes in very undesirable places around my neckline. The kind of holes that would be the first thing that poked someone in the eye. They were on the neckline, after all! On the front of the vest! On my boobs! Even if I fixed them up with my scrap yarn (and I’m not an expert on fixing holes in knitting), they would be too unseemly. Rip.

For my second attempt, I followed clever advice from The Sweatshop of Love – and picked up the stitches a bit further away from the edge of my knitting. In order to be double safe, I used a slightly smaller needle. And in order to be triple safe, I picked up the stitches much closer to each other. Which meant that I ended up with around 90 stitches more than recommended in the pattern. Are you starting to see the problem?

No holes, brilliant, but I ended up with a, to put it nicely, ruffled neckline. Too many stitches, and in ribbing too, it just doesn’t work. Rip.

And here we are now. The plan for the third attempt is as follows: rip back to first row after picking up, then do one row of [k2tog twice, p2tog twice] to get set up for the proper ribbing. That way I get the benefit of not having any holes + get rid of my surplus of stitches. It seems like a good idea, for now at least. Any problems you foresee? Please tell me now, I don’t feel like another rip.