hear me out

I ripped this.

C’mon now, before you start yelling, remember the title of the post… Yes, I know it’s a tiiiiny newborn pullover. Yes, I know it’s so cuuuute. Yes, I have seen that adorable neckline. Yes, I agree that baby raglan sleeves are the most precious thing ever.

So what’s my excuse? The pooling is fugly.

I tried and tried and tried to like it but once I got to the sleeves and on top of everything it changed too, I couldn’t stand it anymore. The yarn is nice, the pattern is great, but it’s a waste of two good things to try to put them together.

Please don’t yell? The good thing is, I now know my gauge on this yarn extremely accurately (talk about a big swatch! :D) and I think I like the way it looks on smaller circumferences (e.g. the sleeve) better, so that gives me good ideas for what to actually use it for (i.e. I’m thinking socks).

Ok, I’ll go crawl in my hole now, if you still feel like yelling… Go ahead.