a lesson in waffles

So, when I disappeared for about ten days at the end of February, it was because I was hanging out in Brussels again. This time, I took the opportunity to sort out some of the things I had missed out on before. Like waffles.

There are waffle vans like this one all over the place. They make the city smell yum!

They also remind me of London’s icecream vans (complete with the Disney characters!), and the nice memories, and make me a little sad… Which is ok, since there are waffles on the spot to comfort me! :) If you want to listen to Belgians, this is the kind you should not have.

Something about them being tacky and not how Belgians eat them at all and something something, I lost track of it from how much I was drooling over the waffles. But I managed to hold it together and respect local custom. ;) Though the whole ‘passing for native’ may have gone a bit down the drain when I later pulled out the camera to take photos of the approved waffle. As in, the one I was allowed to eat. This one.

Which I’m thinking wasn’t such a bad deal at all. :) It was all crunchy (unexpected but good!) and yummy. And worth the wait.

There. Consider yourself educated in Belgian waffles. Now go test your knowledge in real life. It is International Women’s Day after all. What better way to celebrate? ;)