booties everywhere!

I was looking for a quick little baby gift the other day, and discovered this free pattern. There’s not much to tell apart from that. I tried it out, and fell in love. I’ve been making stay-on baby booties ever since!

This is my fourth one.

The first pair, which I haven’t photographed yet, was in a single solid colour. For the second one, I tried out some striping. The booties originally have a longer brim, which is then folded over, but I didn’t like the fact that striping in garter stitch inevitably has an obvious “wrong” side, so I decided to make the brim on these shorter, non-foldable. If you know any tricks for reversible garter-stitch striping, do tell!

The pattern is wonderfully easy and clever. It is knit on straight needles, all in garter stitch. It requires a tiny bit of picking up stitches and the simplest of decreases, and that’s it! Other than that it’s just knit knit knit. Perfect for knitting while your mind is elsewhere, say with an interesting audiobook, and done so quickly! As I’ve said, I’ve managed to squeeze in four of these over the weekend, while at the same time having a ton of work!

Not even to mention that this seems like the perfect thing to make a bunch of and keep on hand for unexpected gifting opportunities! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to dream up some more colour combinations…