another bootie!

I warned you, I’m obssessed! But since I’m making so many of these baby booties, I thought it’d be a good idea to show you how they look in progress. Here’s one about halfway done.

Not looking very much like a bootie at all, huh? I know. I was a bit suspicious the first time around, but it works perfectly well. As you can tell, up to this stage it’s only garter stitch. For the last five centimeters you only work on the centre 10 stitches, but it’s not short rows or anything like that. You simply ignore the other stitches. I find this easier to do when I place the non-active stitches on separate DPNs so they’re out of the way, but this is not obligatory. You could knit this whole thing with just two straight needles.

The next step will be to pick up stitches along the two vertical sides of the central 10 pillar (the little thing that’s poking out), and then knitting all the stitches in garter again for a while. The picking up of stitches is the most demanding part of this pattern, and you’ll probably agree that picking up about a total of 20 stitches is not terribly demanding. :) I have a little trick I’ve conjured to avoid breaking yarn at any point, so if I manage to get good photos I might show you that in my next bootie post.

I think the yarn I’m using for this was a gift. I don’t think I was terribly pleased when I got it. I don’t know what you call this kind of yarn, it’s not variegated, instead it’s several strands of different colours plied together.


Not my kind of thing at all. But I’ve already learned that all yarns have potential, if only you can find the right project for them. And I have to say, I think I’ve discovered the true potential of this one!

I’m loooooving how it looks in garter stitch! From this perspective, it makes me think of hot oriental spices, not a sensation I normally associate with knitting but a good one none the less :) I’ll be giving the booties a name in accordance with that, but I haven’t quite settled on the particular spice yet… :)