sock fun

Whoa, I am totally loving the construction of these socks! There are so many interesting elements, I am never bored! Check out my first ever heel flap.

Pretty cool. And it looks super sturdy too. You wanna see the wrong side?

I’ve since gone a few steps further and have started working on the gusset (I still couldn’t define a gusset if you asked me to, but as long as I can make it… ;) ). I have to say I really loved this heel construction, it looks way neater and sturdier than the short-row heel I did on my first socks. And it was more fun to do too!

I’m already looking around for my Third Socks and having to tell myself to take them one at a time. Luckily I only have one 2mm cable needle so I can’t start new ones without finishing these. Good disciplinary method, for sure!