Next Socks

The thing about socks is – you finish one and then there isn’t much to blog about anymore, because all you’re doing is doing it all again. And who wants to see photos of that? :D Luckily, my second Kai-Mei is going much much faster than the first one so there ought to be a proper FO post soon. In the meantime, here’s what I plan to start as soon as Kai-Meis are done.

Photo is ownership of Interweave

It’s another pattern from Cookie A’s Sock Innovation, called Sam and inspired by Cookie’s dad. One of the really sweet things about this book is the personal story that comes with each pattern – explaining who the socks were named after and why that person is influential in Cookie’s life. I love reading them and it really sets the patterns apart – it makes them something a bit more than technical instructions.

I’m going to be using the skein of madelinetosh tosh merino light I won in a giveaway from Photo.Knit.Dog a while ago. I had already tried using it once, but that ended up ripped because I disliked the pooling.

However, the little bit of sleeve I knitted before frogging made me confident that I would like the look of this yarn a lot more done in a small circumference. If you look at the 2 cm between the needle and the armhole (the bit that was done in a small circumference), you’ll notice that the pooling is quite different there. I hope it will work nicely and not clash too much with the cable pattern. The pattern calls for a 100% merino yarn and it makes me happy that I actually had that in my stash.

I’ll let you know as soon as I cast on! :)