other stuff

Hello! The computer had to pay a little visit to the doctor recently, which is one of the main reasons why I’ve been absent. It was nothing serious, just a bit of preventive cleaning – but I can tell you it was well needed. When I picked it up today, in addition to the maintenance report and invoice, I got a little plastic bag with a chunk of felted dust – the stuff they took out of it. A true testament to the need for these cleanings (and to my computer doctor’s sense of drama, I reckon.)

I’ve been knitting very little, too. The temperatures here are slowly settling into their summer levels (we’re around 30 Celsius now, and it’s only going to go up), and while that doesn’t really prevent me from knitting usually, it made me feel like a break, and like doing some other stuff. So I whipped out my weathered, but reliable, Ice Coffee shaker…

…and let this book pull me in like a whirlwind – I just couldn’t put it down. I must have read 300 pages in two days. That hasn’t happened in a while, so I highly recommend it.

I hope you have something cool and yummy to drink and something irresistable to read this weekend! See you on Monday :)