reposting: “KIP it real”

I’ve only ever had good experiences with knitting in public. Perhaps it’s also in the attitude, when people stare, I tend to interpret it as “Look, they’re fascinated by what I’m doing!” instead of as “Ouch, they think I’m a weirdo”. And perhaps I’m just lucky – I’ve never had something like this happen to me. But if that story discourages you, do go and read this one. If anyone ever asks me again why I knit, I will send them that link to read. And they’re not even things that have happened to me. :)

Stay proud, knitters. :) :*


why I love Belgium’s national day

It is Belgium’s national day today.

A holiday in my second week already – not bad! It did rain, though, but at some point I just decided to stop moaning about it and ignore it. I ventured out to see what festivities were taking place and I was quite pleasantly surprised! There were throngs of people out despite the rain, and there were lots of things going on – mostly public organisations presenting their activities and getting friendly with the populus :) My favourite was the demonstration of the abilities of police dogs – I think I hung around for about half an hour watching well-padded mock-criminals get restrained within seconds by these super-trained dogs. It was really impressive. And at some point, even the rain stopped.

(And then it started back again.)

But the main reason I love this holiday is because it gave me an opportunity to just sit and knit for a few hours. I started off yesterday with my official first attendance at the Brussels Stitch’n’Bitch. It was lovely. They were so welcoming and relaxed, I couldn’t have wished for better. I can’t wait to go again! I got some good work done on my sock there, and even powered through some finger pain and did more than I usually do in one sitting. It got me so energised that I even knit some more when I got home!

And then some more today.

And when it actually started looking like a sock, rather than just a funky tube, I fell in love with it completely, all over again.

Now I can’t stop. It’ll be done in no time! :) Yaaaay for national holidays and all their benefits! :)



my tea. (Brussels is cold. And rainy. In July. And every other month of the year.)


very proud of myself for cooking next day’s lunch. (One-hour lunch breaks are awesome! In Croatia we only get half an hour.)


my mom to use this. (She’s always ready to try new things. I love her for that.)


a few rounds every few days. (And planning to go to my first Brussels S’n’B this week!)


very very little. (And this book is about 800 pages long. At this rate, I won’t need another one until Christmas 2012.)

Oh, and absolutely LOVING my job. :)


Hullo! :) Long time no see! Well, I’ve been seeing you, at least those of you with blogs of your own, and even making a little comment here and there, but you haven’t been seeing a lot of me. If you suspected that I had gotten buried under my giant yarn stash, you were wrong (but thank you to those who actually emailed to check ;). If your suspicion was more in the direction of me and my new ball-winder going off to see the world, you were much closer to the truth. :) In the few weeks I’ve been gone, I’ve changed my permanent geographical longitude again: since Thursday I’ve officially been a resident of Brussels, Belgium, and from Monday I’ll be a worker (t)here too. :)

The preceding weeks have been a whirlwind of interviews, documents, permit applications, work clothes shopping, quick-vacationing, packing and goodbye-saying. This was something I had hoped for and awaited for quite a long time so it was more joy- than stress-inducing, but it sure didn’t leave a lot of time for knitting or blogging.

I expect the upcoming weeks to be a similar whirlwind of apartment-hunting, account-opening, rope-learning, people-meeting, city-exploring, weekend-travelling, etcetera. Exciting! :) I do hope, though, that knitting and blogging will manage to fit in the “etcetera” bit, and that there’ll still be someone here to witness it when I get into my rhythm again… ;)

In the meantime, how’s your summer going? :)

Images are by my friends, from our little vacation on the Croatian island where my grandfather is from.