The shocking emptiness of my blog-reader today had me puzzling for a few moments, and then brought home the realisation that most of the knitting blogs I read are (still) US-based. Happy Thanksgiving to you, my bloggy American friends!

As for the rest of you, if you have no turkey or pumpkin pie to keep your stomachs busy and no family debates to do the same with your brain, I’ve dug out a few all-time best reads from some of my favourite bloggers, just to give you something to do… ;)

A loving story about a stash from
Knitting to Stay Sane.

One of my favourite yarn portraits ever by
Sorella and Company.

A great tutorial on something most sweater-knitters dread by
Amy Herzog Designs.

Another great tutorial on something completely different by

Some photography tips for the Blogger Vulgaris, by
Etsy UK.

And after you’re done with all that learning and skill-enhancement, some wonderful and thoughtful book and movie recommendations, from a blogger I truly miss,

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!