Dudes and dudettes, the last two projects I showed you have just been featured in Ysolda’s newsletter for knitters! My knitting heart may have just exploded a little bit :) Ok, so one of Ysolda’s little elves contacted me last week to ask if it would be ok to include a photo in the newsletter, but when I opened my copy this morning I was still thinking along the lines of “They probably changed their minds in the end. I’m sure it didn’t fit into their concept or whatever…” So when it was actually there, well, ka-boom ka-boom went my little heart :)

If you’re an Ysolda fan but haven’t heard of the newsletter, you can sign up here.


mitts for a lady

There’s just no going around it – Ysolda’s Veyla are a brilliant pattern and that’s it. I’ve made them several times by now – they are done quicker than expected, putting them together feels like magic and the finished objects lead the onlookers to ask one question and one question alone: “Can I have a pair too?” You have no idea how many people have asked me to knit them Veylas… I haven’t indulged them all. But some people are extra-knitworthy.

When Maja asked me to knit her a pair, I decided to savour every step of the process.

Over one Saturday morning coffee, I gave her my own pair of Veylas to wear for a while, to check if they fit, and to make sure that the yarn wasn’t making her too itchy. Then she showed me how much longer she wanted them, I made some measurements and we were done for the day.

At first I thought I’d just knit the cuff longer and that’d be it. I knit both lace cuffs. But after trying them on I realized they might be too tight on the bit of the arm where they would sit and changed my strategy. I ripped the bind-off on both cuffs and re-did them as per size L. I then picked up stitches as for size L, knit for about 7cm decreasing a stitch here and there to follow the curve of the arm, and finally, when I got to the stitch count for size S, I continued making the mitts as per pattern for that size until the very end. A detailed description of my mods with stitch and row counts is available on my project page. It might sound a bit fiddly, but I quite enjoyed ripping a bit here and there, calculating and adapting the pattern to give me exactly what I wanted to get.

I had found the perfect buttons even before finishing. Very early on I got the idea that the dark blue mitts would go wonderfully with white pearly buttons. Luckily I found just what I was looking for in a local yarn shop and I couldn’t have been happier.

In the end, because I found out rather suddenly that I would be leaving the country soon, I ended up with a bit of a time crunch for delivering these. I was still sewing in ends and blocking them a few hours before they would be delivered. And so it came to be that I sewed on the buttons while waiting to meet up with Maja on the busy main square of Zagreb in the early July 2011. I must have been a sight! I was so excited!

I got the photos a few months later. They were worth the wait – they reminded me that not only did I enjoy the making, but I also ended up with exactly what I had set out to do – make the most elegant pair of mitts imaginable for the biggest lady I know.

The amazing photos, again, generously, by Matea Lemac.


Courtesy of my darling friends, an old knit (finished and gifted more than two years ago!) recently got a “make-over” photoshoot. I had taken some crappy photos of it originally, but they never really did the piece justice, and I was more than happy to chuck them out from my project page and replace them with these…

I can’t place it on the knitterly timeline very precisely, but I know that this hat was among my first ten finished objects ever. Not too bad, eh? It’s a really good feeling to look back on something I made when I still barely had any idea what I was doing when picking up needles, and see something that I’d be proud of even today, when I have a lot more skill and experience.

I’m sure you’ve caught peaks of another (more recent) FO in the photos as well. More to come on that soon… :)

In the meantime, a huge thanks to my stunning photographer/model duo Matea and Maja :*