Things happened really fast.

This past week has been spent in deconstructing and reconstructing furniture, packing and unpacking, heavy lifting and gently putting down, submitting and applying for various documents. And on Sunday, I got to sleep in my flat. I’ve decided to stop saying my new flat, since it’s the only flat I’ve ever had so it’s not technically my new flat (and, just to be clear, by had I mean rented all by myself), it’s my first flat. And now, with that, everything is a first. First sleeping in the flat, first meal eaten in the flat, first shower in the flat, first coming home from work to the flat… It’s like my little part of the world has been created anew, every mundane little experience is somehow fresh and exciting, and I am relishing all the firsts.

So sooner or later it had to happen too – first knitting in the flat.

It felt soooo good. After a week in which there was barely any time to sit and be still, a week in which my hands went rough from the cold and all the tool-handling and carrying, a week which brought about so much change – to sit down with my favourite activity, in silence, listening to the sounds of my new neighbourhood outside – I felt my whole body relax, exhale and say “home”.

There is much nesting left to be done. And for sure – knitting is going to be a big part of it.