two little squares

My awesome knitting group recently participated in some stitchin and bitchin for a good cause. At the incentive of one of our Italian members, we joined the  “Urban Knitting for L’Aquila” event. In short, L’Aquila is a nice city in Italy whose historical centre was devasted by an earthquake three years ago and is still abandoned… Our role was to knit some coloured squares to send to L’Aquila, where squares received from all over the world would be sewn together and used to cover the city centre under a soft and coloured woolly layer, to make people aware of the fact that very little has been done to rebuild the city after the earthquake.

It was all a big win for everyone. Our group passed a wonderful evening stitching, as usual. We got a bunch of new members because some knitters who had not heard of us before discovered us through this event. And L’Aquila got a nice batch of squares.

The photo (taken by our member who initiated the whole thing!) shows all the squares the Brussels Stich’n’Bitch contributed, including two little ones from me. I love this photo, it shows our group just as it is: diverse, creative and warm-hearted. :) I love being part of it.

But what you should really go and look at are the photos from the final event – when the squares from all over Europe were sewn together and displayed in L’Aquila in the most wonderful yarn-bombing I’ve seen in a while.